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Why Should Sonic Branding Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Do you know what famous companies like Intel, 20th Century Fox, Nokia, Yahoo!, McDonald's, and MGM have in common? Aside from being some of the most successful business establishments in existence, these companies also utilize something called sonic branding.

All of these brands have a distinctive sound associated with them. The Intel four-note tune is one of the most recognizable sonic branding pieces to exist. Some speculate that around 90% of the people who have worked with technology recognize this logo as Intel’s. That’s how powerful sonic branding is.

Ever Wonder What Your Brand Sounds Like?

When companies develop a distinctive brand, they focus on creating a logo and a house style. They have a specific and unique color story and a brand message that is consistent across all platforms. This type of branding is visual and effective because people often remember what they see well. They’re attractive to colorful imagery and beautiful designs.

Most people fail to realize that sound is just as memorable, if not more so. A distinctive sound can break through the overwhelming visual data available on the internet and help companies establish their own identity.

Is Sound Really Memorable?

Sound is a powerful memory trigger. This means you are better able to recall something if it is accompanied by a sound or has a specific rhythm. That’s one of the reasons why people often set a rhythm to words they wish to memorize, like the alphabet.

People can recognize objects through sounds. They associate certain sounds to different times of day like birds chirping during mornings and crickets making a noise during the night. This shows just how easily sound can trigger recall and sentiment.

A person might remember a loved one when they hear their favorite song or a certain tone of voice. A string of sounds like the sound of rainfall might creating a calming environment if you are stressed. These factors clearly showcase the importance and impact of sound. It makes sense to incorporate this powerful medium into your branding endeavors.

How To Incorporate A Sonic Logo Into Your Brand

There are many ways to approach a sonic logo. Just consider the different examples that already exist. The MGM logo is a lion’s roar while the iconic Nokia ringtone is an old composition on a little-known Spanish composer. Here are some tips that can help:

• You can use a simple, clean tune that is flexible and attractive. That fits in well with the minimalist vibe of modern marketing strategies.

• Songs are also popular with brands. The most well-known sonic brand song is ‘I’m lovin’ it’ from McDonald's.

• If you want to convey an important message, you can lay a voiceover on the tune.

• The sonic brand can be used in TV, social media and radio advertisements, Ringtones, on-hold messages, call centers, business lounges, reception areas, etc.

In brief, if you need to create a strong sonic logo, make sure it has brand value, maintain consistency in tune, and then play it at the right places.

If you want to know more about this strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us at OPCOM Media Group in San Antonio, TX. Our team of trained experts will help you out.

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