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We have the right voice for your project:

  • Corporate Videos

  • Radio Spots

  • Podcasts

  • Video Games

  • On-Hold Messages

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • Audio Books

  • E-learning Projects

  • Museum Audio Guides

Tell us about your project.

"They are professional and friendly; their work is fresh and creative, ideal for our projects. They are proof that we can also find audio studios that meet the high needs of our industry."


Francisco Casanova - General Manager

Digital Chocolate Videogames

Ramon Escobedo

Mexico Marketing Director

Lowe's Home Improvement

"They have worked with us for some time, and quality, reasonable prices and commitment, have made them our trusted supplier in audio production services."

Rodrigo Aviña

Marketing Coordinator


"They are the best recording studio with which I have worked throughout my career.

I have always liked working with them, their professionalism and the confidence they give me when taking some of my projects, because I know they take care of every last detail, without sacrificing delivery times.

Without a doubt, I recommend them for musicalization and voice-over projects."

Donna Kidwell

Manager of GCG's

Innovation Readiness Series

The University of Texas at Austin

"Ruben Linder's team was incredible to work with on our translation project. Not only did they provide fast, accurate and strong translations, but they responded to requests and consulted us so that in the end, we have a flawless translation that opens entire new markets.  We look forward to working with them in the future!"










Our Audio Production Services include: Radio Spots, Voice-Over in Spanish, Podcasts, Original Music for Radio and TV, Radio Jingles, Commercial Jingles, Sound Branding, Mnemonics, Sound logos, Audio Dubbing, Audio Recording Studio per Hour, Audio Editing, Translation and Localization for Hispanic Market, Museum Audio Guides, On-Old Messages, IVR Interactive Voice Response Systems, Voice-Talent for Corporate Videos, Audio Mastering, Music Artist Production, and much more.

Who we serve: Advertising Agencies, Marketing Departments, Human Resources, Training Managers, E-learning Developers, Museums, Hispanic Audience, General Market, Non-Profits, Video Producers, Creative Directors, Countries like USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Israel and Colombia.

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