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Why Us?

We love long-term business relations

We are here to serve our customers, our team members and our families. We always go the extra mile, and cherish win-win scenarios.

OPCOM works with a wide array of companies, from small sole-proprietorships to some of the largest corporations. We specialize in producing Audio and Video to increase brand awareness and sales.


It is not enough to simply translate information from one language to the other, you must understand the business culture of the targeted market.

Language and cultures vary by region requiring specifically design marketing campaigns.

Wether you need English to Spanish or Spanish to English, OPCOM delivers.

Stress-Free Service:

Original Music: OPCOM hits the mark the first time saving you valuable time and minimizing costs. Over 90% of our initial concept, scores, and recordings are used in the final product.

OPCOM's incredible voice-talent team and three fully staffed recording studios allow us to provide unparalleled service. We are committed to fast response and quick turnaround time to exceed our expectations.

Through extensive experience, OPCOM has developed a proprietary method that allows us to be extremely efficient. Based on our industry norms, our method allows us to be 43% Faster than average to deliver finished product. Whether it is a large voice-over project for e-learning or a simple Jingle, OPCOM delivers on time, every time.

Allow OPCOM to solve your challenges and exceed your expectations.

Ruben Linder

Managing Partner


Senior Director Training

Rent-A-Center, Inc. USA

"They were instrumental in our international expansion into Mexico. They were able to take all of our translated training materials and provide us very high quality voice talent as we built the online content for our new Spanish speaking coworkers. They were able to deliver on time and at budget for all of our audio needs. I would highly recommend them for any voice talent needs in your organization."

Ramon Escobedo

Mexico Marketing Director

Lowe's Home Improvement

"They have worked with us for some time, and quality, reasonable prices and commitment, have made them our trusted supplier in audio production services."

Donna Kidwell

Manager of GCG's

Innovation Readiness Series

The University of Texas at Austin

"Ruben Linder's team was incredible to work with on our translation project. Not only did they provide fast, accurate and strong translations, but they responded to requests and consulted us so that in the end, we have a flawless translation that opens entire new markets.  We look forward to working with them in the future!"










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