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We love working with the OPCOM team! They are proven to be strategic, trustworthy content creation partners and storytellers. We have developed award-winning video production collaborations and enjoy working together. I'm also confident to share OPCOM as a referral partner


Melissa Vela-Williamson, M.A., APR, CDP

Founder - MVW Communications

For several years now, we have been collaborating with OPCOM for our corporate videos. We trust them for the quality of their work, their commitment to deadlines, and their understanding of the message we want to convey.


More than just creating videos, their materials evoke emotions that make us dream, relive moments, and envision the future.

Undoubtedly, they're one of the top choices when it comes to creating engaging videos.

Cynthia Aliskowsky 

Events and Recognition Manager

Amway Latin America

OPCOM Media Group is a powerhouse in the realm of video production, and OCI Solar Power is extremely proud of the award-winning work we created together.


As a representative of OCI Solar Power, I had the pleasure of first working with Ruben Linder in 2022 when we engaged OPCOM for a series of videos that demanded his expertise and excellence. He became a true partner in our vision, creating professional, relatable, and visually stunning videos that featured some of our landowners. The project later received a Gold Award from MarComm, an international competition for marketing and communication professionals.


When it came time to create another round of videos in 2023, we again turned to OPCOM. This project also exceeded our expectations. The team's dedication, eye, and genuine connection with the landowners helped them produce videos that showcased the human side of solar farms. The videos were relatable, authentic, and even emotional. 


OPCOM Media Group has become one of our invaluable partners, and we look forward to future collaborations with this outstanding team!


Leslie Garza-Wright

Sr. Manager, Marketing & Communications

OCI Enterprises

OPCOM has been a strategic ally for our company throughout the years.

Ruben Linder and his team have assisted us in developing much more effective communication strategies that have been crucial for the opening of new markets and key accounts.

Angel Salinas

CEO - Sandler San Antonio

They were instrumental in our international expansion into Mexico.

They were able to take all of our translated training materials and provide us very high quality voice talent as we built the online content for our new Spanish speaking coworkers.


They were able to deliver on time and at budget for all of our audio needs. I would highly recommend them for any voice talent needs in your organization.

Senior Director, Training

Rent-A-Center USA

We hired OPCOM to create a corporate video, and we were very satisfied with the result.


They communicated our brand clearly and professionally, surpassing expectations. Our clients and prospects have responded very positively, and the video has become an effective marketing tool.


I want to highlight OPCOM's experience and creativity, which were crucial to the project's success.

I highly recommend their high-level professional audiovisual services.

Ricardo A. González

Executive Director - Hygiene Merit

We have worked with OPCOM on a number of projects over the last few years. 


Several things stand out; first, Ruben Linder is very creative.  He provides us with great feedback and ideas that enhance our production quality. 


Secondly, he and his team are doing high quality work.  There has not been one video that has not met our approval and rave reviews from our clients. 

Third, Ruben and his team are true professionals.  They do what they say, when they say it.  In today's world, that stands out.


I cannot recommend Ruben and OPCOM Media Group more highly!

Tom Cuthbert

Vistage Master Chair

OPCOM has always been an outstanding partner for our agency. They provide excellent service and are always looking for ways to offer the best quality.


They are our trusted vendor for audiovisual projects. Their added value proposition is hard to match. We value the relationship we have forged with them throughout the years.

Ignacio "Nacho" Guzman

CEO/Principal - Latinbrand

Ruben Linder is a creative and practical genius. The first time we worked together, he took the time to hear my ideas, then he thought about them, and improved on them to make a better product.


OPCOM created over 50 videos and commercials for us, which of course, were of top quality. They also composed the music. 

I recommend OPCOM services without hesitation. They are pretty amazing.

Gerardo Menchaca

Lawyer Focused on U.S. Immigration Law

Outside the Box Events (OTB) is a Corporate Event Planning Firm based in San Antonio, TX. A large portion of our client base is nonprofits.

We had the immense pleasure of working with the OPCOM Media Group for our client the San Antonio-Mexico Friendship Council and like their name eludes, they have a big story to tell.


Ruben and his team worked with crazy schedules, kept interviews on track with pointed questions, made sure all subjects looked their best on camera and pivoted to teleprompter in 2 seconds flat!


Their professionalism, creativity and vision ended in magic. We look forward to working with OPCOM again and would highly recommend you allow them the privilege of telling your story. 


Kristin Oliver

Vice President, Outside the Box Events

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